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Description: the Superstar Award acknowledges and rewards staff employees for an outstanding accomplishment or excellent service in a specific area.
All staff who are nominated will receive a "Thank You" pin and a copy of the nominator's letter. The Associate Chair of Administration and Finance will select up to five SuperStar Award recipients each quarter based on the criteria below. Superstar Award recipients will receive a certificate and a $50 Bear Hugs Gift Certificate. Team awardees will share a $50 Bear Hugs Certificate. Awardees selected are announced on the intranet at the end of each quarter.
Eligibility: All non-academic career and casual UCSF-paid staff in the Department, Institute, and Hospital and Clinics are eligible to be nominated. Staff employees, faculty members, and trainees may nominate any staff employee. Self-nominations are not accepted.
*Reason for Award:
The following criteria will be used to select Superstar Award recipients:
  • Innovative solution to a problem
  • Excellent in customer service
  • Extra efforts on a team project
  • Contribution in a specific area
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